CIMA is changing, therefore we're introducing an updated CIMA syllabus to ensure that InterActive still provides you with an effective way to reach exam success.

Our 2015 CIMA packages will give you access to expert tutors who know the new CIMA syllabus inside out, providing you with all the tools you will need to advance your career in management accounting.

How will the 2015 CIMA programme change?

Here is an overview of the main changes to our CIMA programme:

  • There will now be three case study exams; operational, managerial and strategic.
  • You can only sit a case study once you have passed the respective three feeder papers; i.e., the Managerial case study can be sat once you have passed E2, F2 and P2; or the Strategic case study after passing E3, F3 and P3, etc.
  • The case studies can be sat four times a year over a three week period.
  • Papers E, F, and P can be sat at any time, and will be 90 minute exams with a passmark of 60%. You will receive your results for these exams immediately.
  • You must have completed the relevant case study before progressing to the next level.
  • Level T4 no longer exists.

What impact this will have on CIMA students?

The new CIMA syllabus will make your studies even more enjoyable, and you will find that your studies provide you with both the latest management accounting knowledge and highly sought-after professional competencies.

How will you benefit from the changes?

The updated 2015 syllabus has been revised to make CIMA even more geared towards delivering the skills you will need in the workplace, focused on meeting the employability needs of employers and professionals alike.

Why study CIMA online with InterActive?

You will continue to benefit from InterActive's award-winning study resources including tuition from experienced professionals and CIMA charterholders. Take a look at our CIMA Study Options page for more details.

When will the new courses will be available?

CIMA Live Tuition and Tuition start 12 January 2015.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification gives you a solid foundation in finance and accounting, and is held in esteem by the world's foremost employers and organisations. You will learn the skills that are needed to drive thriving businesses towards even greater success.

CIMA Live Tuition and Tuition start 12 January 2015.

Studying CIMA via InterActive provides you with the opportunity to gain this globally recognised designation with complete online flexibility, which means you can fit your studies around your lifestyle, not vice versa.

To gain the full CIMA qualification, you must complete four separate levels by sitting the relevant Integrated Case Study (ICS). These assignments consolidate your skills and knowledge at the end of each CIMA level, and give you a better sense of how your CIMA studies relate to professional practice.

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